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Hedge Funds Stock Taking

Hedge Fund Industry – a stock taking

Internationally many regulations impacting operations of Hedge Fund industry cover the following major areas –          Advertising –          Broker Dealer Issues –          Principal Underwriter...

An Overview of Corporate Actions

A corporate action is an event initiated by a company that affects the securities (equity or debt) issued by the company. Some of them are mandatory; some of them are voluntary. Mandatory Corporate Actions affect all shareholders alike in a...

Bilateral and Triparty Collateral Management

The recent financial markets crises have heightened and increased focus on collateralization. Collateralization is a process where a borrower pledges an asset as recourse or cover or a security to the lender for facilities or limits or credits...

Rehypothecation (ppt)


Attributes of a Good Collateral

In lending agreements, collateral is a borrower’s pledge of specific property to a lender to secure repayment of loan. The collateral serves as a protection for a lender against possible default of a borrower – failure to pay either principal...
fixed income

Securities Lending Trends & Developments (ppt)


Security Lending Business

Concept of Security lending Security is an asset or third party commitment accepted by the security taker to secure an obligation of the security provider. In theory, cash is the perfect security. The assets traditionally used as security, such...

Collateral management – Latest Developments

Collateral management is no more a back office function. Thanks to the recent crises in financial markets, it has graduated itself to a core function status driving the very front office function. Gone are the days of cost centre approach to...
Securities Lending

The Art and Science of Securing Securities Lending Business

Securities Lending is an OTC market business practice that involves borrowing and lending of securities mainly for the purpose of covering short-sale positions. Sometimes, it is also be used for derivative hedges and dividend arbitrage across...