10:14 pm - Monday December 18, 2017

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Interest Rate Derivatives and their wrong sales to gullible customers

Banks are more in the news these days – for a variety of reasons with negative impact of course.  Of all these, the one connected with mis-selling of interest rate derivative products is causing considerable damage. The kind of allegations...

Self Regulation is the Best Pill for all Ills of the Banking Industry

Volcker, Vicker or combined global regulations, one may aspire for any or many, but nothing will work when the banks themselves want to fail. Most of the banks during the recent crises behaved as if they were the masters of the market place...

Best Practices Framework for Derivatives Business

 “The world of banking has changed radically as a consequence of the recent crises and it is still changing. The rise of the universal banking model seems almost unstoppable, basically driven by the desire for an accelerated consolidation....