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Trade Repositories under European Market Infrastructure Regulation

Trade Repositories under European Markets Infrastructure Regulation will shortly become a reality once the European Securities and Markets Authority approves the registration application made by multiple trade repository aspirants.  European...

OTC Derivatives’s Central Clearing – the focus

The introduction of legislation in the US and Europe to move settlement of some OTC derivative products through a Central Counter Party is the much talked about topic among leading bankers. The aim of this legislation is to bring in much needed...

Fundamentals and basic instincts drive FX Markets

Bank for International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland conducts triennial central bank survey on foreign exchange and derivatives market activity. The last such survey was conducted in April 2010. As per the findings of this survey, Global Foreign...

The business of prime broking – an overview of opportunities

To understand better the business of prime broking, there is a felt need to understand the business of hedge funds first, as prime brokers are in their business only because of these hedge funds! According to Goldman Sachs & Co, the term...

Collateral management – Latest Developments

Collateral management is no more a back office function. Thanks to the recent crises in financial markets, it has graduated itself to a core function status driving the very front office function. Gone are the days of cost centre approach to...