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Treasurer and his robotic counterpart – Some thoughts

Treasury is considered to be the modern strategic value add partner in any business initiative. The role of the treasurer continues to expand into different areas of the organisation, such as risk management and working capital. At the same...

Integrated Global Capital Market Platforms

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance vertical – BFSI in short – is the only global industry which is totally risk savvy and thrives only by acquiring and managing risk. BFSI players need therefore delivery of seamless governance,...

Complexity Reduction through waste management

Yes. Complexity Reduction can be achieved in banking industry through adoption of Financial Technology. Normally wastes can occur in both hardware and software. For the purpose of this discussion, we shall focus only on software wastes. Financial...

Financial technology players need to answer these

I am basically a banker now associated with a financial technology player. In my various roles, I have participated in discussions with leading banks and banker. Some questions get repeated in these discussions and I have attempted to list them...