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Do we need any behavioural changes in banks?

The thought for this topic was provided by Ross McEvan, Chief Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland. Ross McEvan said in a commentary to UK’s Guardian newspaper “We need to change our behaviour at every level to reflect this simple truth.” This...

Self Regulation is the Best Pill for all Ills of the Banking Industry

Volcker, Vicker or combined global regulations, one may aspire for any or many, but nothing will work when the banks themselves want to fail. Most of the banks during the recent crises behaved as if they were the masters of the market place...

Greediness faciliated by slack regulation leads to banks’ downfall

Jerome Kerviel former employee Societe Generate, the author of 4.9 billion Euros loss for the bank has claimed now that his superiors knew of his risky bets. (Source Ruadhan Mac Cormaic in Paris). He also claims his superiors turned a blind...

Fundamentals and basic instincts drive FX Markets

Bank for International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland conducts triennial central bank survey on foreign exchange and derivatives market activity. The last such survey was conducted in April 2010. As per the findings of this survey, Global Foreign...