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Treasurer and his robotic counterpart – Some thoughts

Treasury is considered to be the modern strategic value add partner in any business initiative. The role of the treasurer continues to expand into different areas of the organisation, such as risk management and working capital. At the same...
Principles of risk management

Principles of risk management

Introduction Any activity is associated with risk – a loss or gain. More so, in trade and commerce, due to complex nature of transactions and the individual characteristics of the players, commodity, practices, customs, currencies. Like in...
Risk basics

A treatise on risk basics

What is risk? Risk are of three types: Known—a risk that is recognized by all, Unknown—a risk that is known by at least one person but is not known to many and Unknowable—a risk that is totally unexpected and impossible to foresee Examples Known—...

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

The peculiarities of foreign exchange markets are –          An Over The Counter market –          Only market open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year –          No single location; no barriers –         ...

Foreign Exchange Dealing Operations

If you buy a Binny Silk Saree for your wife (or girl friend!) at T.Nagar Chennai Nalli Silks, you will naturally want to pay for it with Indian Rupees and the Nalli Silks will want to be paid in Rupees because he pays all his bills with Rupees. Likewise,...