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Foreign Exchange Dealing Operations

If you buy a Binny Silk Saree for your wife (or girl friend!) at T.Nagar Chennai Nalli Silks, you will naturally want to pay for it with Indian Rupees and the Nalli Silks will want to be paid in Rupees because he pays all his bills with Rupees. Likewise,...

Investment banking and revenue pressures – ways to go

Setting: One of the purposes of any business is to make money. And banking is no exception to this cardinal objective of any business. Normally the bank’s income portfolio comprises fund based income and fee based income. Fund based income...

Collateral management – Latest Developments

Collateral management is no more a back office function. Thanks to the recent crises in financial markets, it has graduated itself to a core function status driving the very front office function. Gone are the days of cost centre approach to...

SDRs – Emerging Intermediaries in US Financial Markets

Clarification: For the purpose of this discussion, SDRs are not Special Drawing Rights. They are Swap Data Repositories. Swap Data Repository, a Financial Markets Intermediary, is an entity that will be expected to maintain a centralized electronic...
Securities Lending

The Art and Science of Securing Securities Lending Business

Securities Lending is an OTC market business practice that involves borrowing and lending of securities mainly for the purpose of covering short-sale positions. Sometimes, it is also be used for derivative hedges and dividend arbitrage across...