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Counterparty Risk

Counterparty risk management needs a closer relook

Counterparty risk is the risk that a counterparty in a transaction will default prior to the expiration of the contract and will be unable to make agreed contractual payments Experience has shown, normally banking and financial crises have their...
money arrow

It is wrong to attribute financial crises to innovation

Blaming the financial innovation for the recent financial crises was the least thing I expected from a person none other than Lord Turner, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority of the UK. (Financial Times 16th Feb 2010) In his speech...

Enhance the Quality of Financial Regulation – the Need of the Hour.

The purpose of any regulation is for solving problems that stakeholder or business alone cannot solve, as well as for making trade-offs among different objectives. Year 2008 will definitely go down in the history as the year of the greatest...
Securities Lending

The Art and Science of Securing Securities Lending Business

Securities Lending is an OTC market business practice that involves borrowing and lending of securities mainly for the purpose of covering short-sale positions. Sometimes, it is also be used for derivative hedges and dividend arbitrage across...