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‘Fair play’ by credit rating agencies is the need of the hour

In the recently held G20 deliberations, there was a call for ending what is called mechanistic reliance on credit rating agencies and encouraging transparency and competition among them. The debate on credit rating agencies is increasingly becoming...

Leadship in uncertain times

Leading through uncertainty can be as complex as four deaf and blind persons trying to explain how an elephant would look like by merely touching different parts of a wild elephant. I am also, placed in a similar environment. Despite this serious...
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It is wrong to attribute financial crises to innovation

Blaming the financial innovation for the recent financial crises was the least thing I expected from a person none other than Lord Turner, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority of the UK. (Financial Times 16th Feb 2010) In his speech...

Enhance the Quality of Financial Regulation – the Need of the Hour.

The purpose of any regulation is for solving problems that stakeholder or business alone cannot solve, as well as for making trade-offs among different objectives. Year 2008 will definitely go down in the history as the year of the greatest...

Country Risk is an Evolving and Dynamic Risk

Country risk analysis, as it is practiced is far from perfect. For example, the country risk of the United States fails to properly take into account the country’s aging population and strained Social Security system — as well as its huge...

Best Practices Frame Work for Credit Rating Agencies

Regulating the credit rating agencies is the talk of the town nowadays. Credit rating agencies provide independent reports on the credit worthiness of a range of institutions, governments, and public bodies, international and domestic active...