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Country Risk analysis

Attention of readers is invited to our earlier post on country risk with the title Country Risk is an Evolving and Dynamic Risk. As we are aware, country risk is the risk that a foreign government will default on its bonds or other financial...
Risk basics

A treatise on risk basics

What is risk? Risk are of three types: Known—a risk that is recognized by all, Unknown—a risk that is known by at least one person but is not known to many and Unknowable—a risk that is totally unexpected and impossible to foresee Examples Known—...

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

The peculiarities of foreign exchange markets are –          An Over The Counter market –          Only market open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year –          No single location; no barriers –         ...

Country Risk is an Evolving and Dynamic Risk

Country risk analysis, as it is practiced is far from perfect. For example, the country risk of the United States fails to properly take into account the country’s aging population and strained Social Security system — as well as its huge...
risk management

Cool Times in risk management?

Introduction Any activity is associated with risk – a loss or gain. Financial risk management is not about avoiding risk. Rather, it is about understanding and communicating risk, so that risk can be taken more confidently and in a better...