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An Overview of Corporate Actions

A corporate action is an event initiated by a company that affects the securities (equity or debt) issued by the company. Some of them are mandatory; some of them are voluntary. Mandatory Corporate Actions affect all shareholders alike in a...

Current Trends in Equity Derivatives Market Place

Equity Derivatives fall into following four categories Flow derivatives – vanilla, listed and OTC options, variance, futures and synthetic futures, convertibles Delta 1 – Single Stock, Sector Swaps, ETFs, Pnotes Exotics Convertibles An...

Key challenges in equity markets

Last week, one of my connections raised a question – what are the key challenges in the equity markets – in a forum we share with each other. I was trying to provide an answer to the questions from what I have experienced so for...

Options Symbology Initiative – OSI

The OSI is a plan to overhaul the existing method of identifying exchange-listed options contracts to decrease the current limitations in today’s marketplace. This will be accomplished with the elimination of OPRA codes and fractional...