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Liquidity crises and technology responses

BIS Working Paper No.293 issued in November 2009 deals with the very interesting recent market happening – liquidity crisis. It also covers some ten propositions about liquidity crises. While going through the same, I was looking for ways...

Security Lending Business

Concept of Security lending Security is an asset or third party commitment accepted by the security taker to secure an obligation of the security provider. In theory, cash is the perfect security. The assets traditionally used as security, such...
foreign exchange

Foreign Exchange: Relationships do matter

Relationships do matter in any market – leave alone foreign exchange market. Without such relationship transactions cannot take place. One can easily assign relationship as a key contributor to any increase or decrease in volumes handled by...
Securities Lending

The Art and Science of Securing Securities Lending Business

Securities Lending is an OTC market business practice that involves borrowing and lending of securities mainly for the purpose of covering short-sale positions. Sometimes, it is also be used for derivative hedges and dividend arbitrage across...