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Financial Technology

Financial Technology and Market Leadership

This write-up traces the financial markets, financial institutions and financial technology, the business benefits that can be reaped by financial institutions by acquiring FT – Financial Technology to achieve leadership position in the...

Basic concepts in Foreign Exchange

Meaning: The term foreign exchange is popularly referred to as the currencies of other countries. To an Indian, US Dollar is a foreign currency just as Indian Rupee to an American. Mr X, an Indian, receives a remittance of (say) USD 1000 from...
Volcker rule

DFA and Volcker rule (Proprietary Trading)

Federal Regulators in the United States are moving ahead with a rule that would ban banks from trading for their own profit. This rule – popularly known as Volcker Rule – is covered under Section 619 of Dodd Frank Act and contains two broad...

Commodities as an Asset Class (ppt)


Financial Market Harmonization Through Financial Technology Application

The global financial industry is in the midst of unprecedented and challenging times. Changes in market conditions drive a very different economic climate which beckons the need to accelerate market harmonization in emerging countries. What...

Risks associated with investments

In any investment, an investor is exposed to several kinds of risks. The risks associated with investments are liquidity risk, market risk, credit risk, operational risk, prepayment risk and extension risk. If the investor decides to go in for...

Commodities and Futures Markets (ppt)