10:06 pm - Monday December 18, 2017

Marketing tips – experience sharing

In my earlier role as a banker (in India and abroad), I have lived through some very difficult situations in convincing customers and winning them over to my bank

To facilitate me, from time to time, I have consulted senior bankers -fellow / competing and in India / abroad. I have attended banking training programs in house and in national training institutions like NIBM. I have also explored and attended external focused training programs on marketing strategies

These years of practical exposure and wisdom gained through the experience of my fellow / senior bankers have enabled me to come with some tips on marketing strategies for bankers. And they are listed below

  • Show concern for your customers
  • Pursue of excellence in all areas
  • Who cares wins
  • At the same time, you should also know who should be cared
  • Overcome chair borne managers cabin culture
  • Always prefer field approach to make market for you and your bank
  • You should accept every one is a potential customer
  • What are we marketing – knowledge essential
  • Believe in your Institutional culture, ethos
  • Deliver yourself – believe in yourself
  • Lack of confidence is only a symptom – erase it
  • Price is profit
  • Team work works
  • Knowledge is experience of others – draw upon it
  • Today’s customers are better informed
  • Customers require a faithful bank
  • Committed loyal customer brings in more business – hence take care of him
  • Customers expect trouble free / hassle free service
  • Customers complain only when we commit mistakes
  • Perseverance and patience always pays
  • Encourage your employees as others did for you
  • Today’s customers will not come back if you do not keep up your promises / schedules
  • Develop your branch into a relationship center

One may agree, with the products and services remaining the same in all the banks, the only thing that can differentiate the winner from the losers, is customer service. As you would have noticed, all these tips enable in delivery of excellent customer service and thereby more and profitable business for the bank

Then why not we make a sincere attempt in preaching and practicing them?

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  1. Pavan
    August 31, 2012 at 12:39 pm #

    Want to add few more points as mentioned above,

    – Dare to Face Customers during downturn of the Markets.
    – Treat Customers money as yours from Investment perspective.
    – Provide Advisory to Clients Investments very judiciously.
    – Inform Customers about the Risks involved in the various investments in the various Asset Classes.

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