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I would love ‘slim’ wallets

Here goes my Idea Number 1 for Innovation

My wallet ordinarily contains wad of currency notes (not more than ten pieces at a time), just one foreign currency coin (I like the design of Japanese 50 yen coin) though it is not a legal tender in my country of residence and many, literally, many cards, driving license (national, international), credit cards (three banks), debit cards (three banks), PAN Card (Income Tax Card in my country), Voter Identification Card.

All these cards add to the thickness of my wallet. Even if I do not have wad of currency notes, one who has an outside look, will feel that I have a very thick wallet. I have a different issue. Despite this feel look factor leading to better outside appreciation; I have a problem at hand. It is quite unwieldy to carry this wallet.

Can you help me to make my wallet slimmer?

In the first phase, why can’t I demand from my bankers to issue single card which can be used as a debit and credit card. It is for me, when to use the card as a credit card or debit card. I do not need two cards for the purpose. I am not an illiterate to be provided with two cards with two different colors and background to identify them as a debit or credit card. This will straightaway reduce the number of cards, I use by half.

In the second phase, all the banks in the world sit together and facilitate their customers to hold only one card where  all these banks credit and debit cards are loaded. Just one card I will flash – I will have the option to use Bank X, Y or Z Debit or Credit Card!

Well. I have tried to put my problem and pain area strictly speaking from my personal experience!

Are there any takers and facilitators?

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