10:21 pm - Monday December 18, 2017

Financial technology players need to answer these

I am basically a banker now associated with a financial technology player. In my various roles, I have participated in discussions with leading banks and banker. Some questions get repeated in these discussions and I have attempted to list them below:

1 ) How global banks balance excellence, innovation and cost in their outsourcing initiatives?

2 ) What are the techniques adopted for optimizing cost containment and performance management in the IT outsourcing areas?

3 ) One possible way forward to reduce operational cost is by moving to variable cost infrastructures. What areas could be explored initially to engage customers in a painless transition to meet these objectives?

4 ) With the current level of investment in infrastructure and old stagnant business models built around physical distribution paradigms, one has to naturally look forward to start-ups and innovators from outside the system. This will increase the gap between customer experiences or in real terms, customer behavior and the actual state of play in the industry. How to bridge this growing innovation and infrastructure gap?

5 ) The attrition of key resources is a major risk and challenge in the IT service industry in India. How the players in IT service industry in other markets manage this risk and challenge?

6 ) How will global sourcing models evolve on both the IT buyer and provider side, including both incremental and disruptive changes?

7 ) Are the IT vendors viable for the midterm as well as the long term in other markets? Despite this viability factor, how they manage their business models?

8 ) Financial technology players, deploy technology creatively to enable our customers to remain competitive. As their competitors are also relying on this strategy how they should leverage to remain competitive in this space?

9) How the service providers succeed in other markets in the highly dynamic competitive landscape for IT services in banking and investments?

10 ) Other BRIC nations are turning aggressive in the ‘outsourcing’ service industry and compete with India on a large scale. To retain and remain as a major player, one should move up the ‘value chain’ in their service delivery. Any thoughts on the areas to be focused in this ‘value chain’ approach?

11 ) What are the major trends within the investment banking industry toward IT solution and investment areas?

12 ) Build fast with best in class and facilitate business focus on core competitive advantages are the basic needs of the customers across markets. How these objectives could be met in the market place?

If you have answers to these questions, please share them with me!

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