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Ronald Coase

My Tributes to Professor Emeritus Ronald Coase

Ronald Coase, 1991 Nobel Prize Winner for Economic Sciences and an influential economist of our times, passed away at the ripe age of 102. His final book was “How China Became Capitalist” co-written with a former student, Nina Wang and this...

What needs to be done to arrest the falling Indian Rupee?

In every country prices are expressed in units of its currency. The value of the currency itself however can be judged only against an external reference. This reference, the exchange rate, thus becomes the fundamental price in any economy. Exchange...

Investment banking and revenue pressures – ways to go

Setting: One of the purposes of any business is to make money. And banking is no exception to this cardinal objective of any business. Normally the bank’s income portfolio comprises fund based income and fee based income. Fund based income...
ABCD Asset Mgmt

The lessons one has to learn from markets these days

Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Bros, AIG ? These were the big names one feared for in the markets and one cherished dreams to be associated with. What indeed made them big and feared for?  Their aggressiveness in the first place, positioning...

What does the future hold for investment banking?

Basel Committee of Bank for International Settlements in its document on “Strengthening the resilience of the banking sector” has identified the buildup of excessive on and off balance sheet leverage in the banking system as one of the underlying...

Would you like to retain your customers?

Customer service is an art. Though it emanates from the background of the provider, his philosophies and practices, it still can be learnt by adhering to certain codified steps. Here is an approach to retain customers in our fold. Step 1 Ascertain...