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Trade Repositories

Next Level for Trade Repositories – Part I

Introduction In financial markets, trading means performing a transaction that involves the selling and buying of commodities, equities, fixed income securities, foreign exchange and derivative products Trade Repositories are entities are required...
credit rating

‘Fair play’ by credit rating agencies is the need of the hour

In the recently held G20 deliberations, there was a call for ending what is called mechanistic reliance on credit rating agencies and encouraging transparency and competition among them. The debate on credit rating agencies is increasingly becoming...

Need to revisit ‘trade repositories’ our new financial markets infrastructure

No one knows exactly what the problems afflicting financial markets today. Hence, we should not be in a hurry to fix solutions beforehand and create new institutions / intermediaries / infrastructures just to make things comfortable, desirable...

Central Counter Parties have a greater role to play

This blog makes an attempt to cover the role of central counterparties in four parts as under: Part A– All about Central Counterparties Part B– Best practices framework for CCPs Part C – Some loud thinking on their future roles Part D...
hybrid markets

Hybrid Markets – The markets of the future

The recent market crises and the subsequent regulatory awakening have contributed to the evolution of a new market category in addition to our Over the Counter Market and Exchange Market. The new regulatory prescriptions by way of central clearing...

SDRs – Emerging Intermediaries in US Financial Markets

Clarification: For the purpose of this discussion, SDRs are not Special Drawing Rights. They are Swap Data Repositories. Swap Data Repository, a Financial Markets Intermediary, is an entity that will be expected to maintain a centralized electronic...