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Deal Process

Dealing Room Operation and Deal Process

A dealing room is a centralized establishment, usually of a commercial bank, which is willing to offer a two way dealing price for different currencies (and asset classes instruments) at all times even when they may not wish to deal, all but...

My Take – Mphasis plans to make its research arm Next Labs self-sustaining

To maintain competitive advantage, all organisations are to establish R&D arms to nurture creative instincts and endeavours to identify and focus on ever changing end customer expectations and preferences and come out with workable solutions....

Disputed derivative transactions – Santander and Pourtuguese Rail Operator

I happened to read today a news item on disputed derivatives transactions. It is reported therein, the dealers settled a crop of disputed derivatives trades with Portuguese state owned entities last year with one exception – Santander...

Interest Rate Derivatives and their wrong sales to gullible customers

Banks are more in the news these days – for a variety of reasons with negative impact of course.  Of all these, the one connected with mis-selling of interest rate derivative products is causing considerable damage. The kind of allegations...
Counterparty Risk

Counterparty risk management needs a closer relook

Counterparty risk is the risk that a counterparty in a transaction will default prior to the expiration of the contract and will be unable to make agreed contractual payments Experience has shown, normally banking and financial crises have their...

Best Practices Framework for Derivatives Business

 “The world of banking has changed radically as a consequence of the recent crises and it is still changing. The rise of the universal banking model seems almost unstoppable, basically driven by the desire for an accelerated consolidation....

Financial Market Harmonization Through Financial Technology Application

The global financial industry is in the midst of unprecedented and challenging times. Changes in market conditions drive a very different economic climate which beckons the need to accelerate market harmonization in emerging countries. What...

Marketing tips – experience sharing

In my earlier role as a banker (in India and abroad), I have lived through some very difficult situations in convincing customers and winning them over to my bank To facilitate me, from time to time, I have consulted senior bankers -fellow /...

Best Practices Frame Work for Credit Rating Agencies

Regulating the credit rating agencies is the talk of the town nowadays. Credit rating agencies provide independent reports on the credit worthiness of a range of institutions, governments, and public bodies, international and domestic active...

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