3:06 pm - Wednesday September 26, 1607


iBankGuru – Investment Banking Guru – is dedicated to the cause of investment banking. It is but appropriate to turn the focus on investment banking now, when the regulators the world over are gearing to prescribe newer rules and proscribe certain practices.

Investment Banking as a subject, is not widely understood and appreciated domain as the practitioners kept the knowledge entirely to themselves without even documenting them. New entrants to this area were very strictly monitored first and ‘baptized’ only after ensuring they too ‘fell in line’ leading to sharing with the secrets of ‘banking’ knowledge and the dos and don’ts. Thus, there is a felt need to understand what this discipline – Investment Banking – is all about from an authentic source in a wholesome manner.  This yearning is only growing.

Dr Guru Raghavan is a rare come-together of academia and industry in correct proportions. He was one of those early ‘conscious and calculated’ entrants and has been connected with this order from early 80’s of the previous century.  He has been nursing a desire to host a website for a long time, totally dedicated to Investment Banking to share his experiences and knowledge – the pains and pleasures part – entirely. In his own words, this website will be brave and bold and yet conscious of its limits in bringing out the faces of investment banking in the open.

Dheeraj Singh is a young and ambitious web designer cum student of investment banking with professional qualifications. He has ‘dirtied’ his hands too, in investment banking, as a member of a Financial Technology Company providing service to investment banking community the world over. He has rich experience in designing and delivering highly successful, user friendly and useful websites like www.mbapursuit.com, www.infonary.com, www.interiormantra.com.

While Dr Guru Raghavan will be providing the contents, Dheeraj Singh will be converting these contents into user friendly readable formats in the web. So, happy browsing.